Industry Institute Interaction (Iii) Cell

1. About III Cell

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell was established at Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Center (SITRC), 2017 under the Industry Institute Interaction Scheme of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India. Considerable progress is being made and the academic departments are carrying out various activities envisaged under the III Cell independently and with support from the III Cell, as deemed necessary.

2. Objectives of III Cell

The III Cell was established with the following major objectives:

  • Establishment of Industry-Institute Partnership /interaction Cell
  • Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries
  • Encouraging engineers from industry to visit Engineering Institution to deliver lectures
  • Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development
  • Arranging visits of staff members to various industry
  • Professional consultancy by the faculty to industries
  • Industrial testing by faculty & technicians at site or in laboratory
  • Joint research programmes and field studies by faculty and people from industries
  • Visits of faculty to industry for study and discussions or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest
  • Visits of industry executives and practicing engineers to the Institute for seeing research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures on industrial practices, trends and experiences
  • Memoranda of Understanding between the Institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.
  • Human resource development programmes by the faculty for practicing engineers.
  • Collaborative degree programmes.
  • E. and M.E. projects/dissertation work in industries under joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.
  • Practicing engineers taking up part-time M.E./Ph.D. programme at Sandip Fondation,Nashik
  • Short-term assignment to faculty members in industries.
  • Visiting faculty/professors from industries.
  • Professorial Chairs sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the Institute.
  • Scholarships/fellowships instituted by industries at the Institute for students.
  • Practical training of students in industries.

3. Team of III Cell

The Cell has been reconstituted recently in January 2017 incorporating faculty –in- Charge and one faculty member from each department. The composition of the cell is as under:

Sr No Team Member Designation Department
1 Dr. Sanjeev Sharma Coordinator E&TC Dept
2 Mr Harish Patil- Member Member Computer Engg Dept
3 Mr Tushar Surwade Member Information Technology
4 Mr Pankaj Shirsath Member Mechanical Engineering
5 Mr Anand Satpute Member Electrical Engineering
6 Mr Samrat Khokale Member Civil Engineering

4. Strategy Adopted For III Cell

In the fast changing industrial scenario, due to various liberal economic and industrial policy adopted by the Govt., the industries are compelled to export a part of their production and complete with multinationals for the internal market in terms of quality products, mass productions and skilled manpower.

As a result, industries are relying on technical institutions for R&D support and for supply of highly qualified and skilled manpower in order to compete with contemporary multinationals. Retraining of the workforce has become major activity for all industries. There is, thus a good opportunity for institute to interact with industries for mutual benefits.

The Industry-Institute Interaction would accrue mutual benefits when a symbiotic relationship is developed between the two systems. The development of symbiotic relationship requires, firstly, careful understanding of the industry needs such as relevant R&D, cost effectiveness, time bound programmes, technology upgradation etc. by the Institute and, in turn, understanding the capabilities and limitations of the institute by the Industry. Recognising the above, following thrust areas have been identified which require immediate attention:

  • Exchange of Experts between the Institute and Industry
  • Reorientation of curriculum
  • Involvement of Teaching Staff in Industry
  • Institute to gain Confidence of Industry
  • Institute as a Consultant in R&D
  • Technological Database
  • Continuing Education Programme
  • Establishment of Linkages
  • Institutes-Reliance in Finances Self

A typical mode of interaction between Institute, industry and other organizations is presented in Figure is being followed to accomplish the desired goal of economic development of our country on sustainable basis.

4.1 Road Map

In keeping with the above thrust areas, following action plan has been prepared by the Institute to fulfill the aims of Industry Institute Interaction into achievements:

  • Preparing / updating of an information brochure / audio-visual giving salient features of the Institute including various programmes, R&D activities (completed / ongoing), expertise available along with equipment and testing facilities.
  • Establishing / continuing liaison between faculty in the Institute, representatives from the Industries and representatives from organizations involved in the promotion of industrial development in the region through organizing regular group meetings for mutual benefits to both the systems i.e. industry and institute
  • Identifying and preparing / updating a list of top executives and technologists from various industries / establishments in the region and working out a system of inviting them to address the faculty and students
  • Preparing / updating a comprehensive directory of technology experts in different fields of expertise and know-how and forging continuing links with them through various means of involvement like talks, guest lectures, research collaboration, students project guidance, seminars etc.
  • III Cell Co-ordinator : Mr. Swapnil Prakash Awate
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