Opportunity Evaluation Meet


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Opportunity Evaluation Meet is about This phase focuses on finding out the technical and commercial feasibility of the proposed and selected ideas.
To evaluate opportunities, we do the following questions:

  • What Timeframe do you need to complete the idea into the prototype?
  • Idea SWOT Analysis
  • What tools and methodologies you are thinking to adopt for development?
  • Does the idea cover cross-functional learning and involvement?
  • What is the need you fill or problem you solve? (Value Proposition)
  • Who are you selling to? (Target Market)
  • How will you make money? (Revenue Model)
  • How will you differentiate your company from what is already out there? (Unique selling proposition)
  • What are the barriers to entry?
  • How many competitors do you have and of what quality are they? (Competitive Analysis)
  • How big is your market? (Market Size)
  • How fast is the market growing or shrinking? (Market Growth)
  • What percentage of the market do you believe you could gain? (Market Share)
  • What type of company will this be? (Lifestyle or High Potential, Sole Proprietorship or Corporation)
  • How much will it cost to get started? (Start-up Costs)
Here we Scrutinize the submitted ideas in following rounds:
Round-I: Domain Expert OEM


Round-II: Industry Experts OEM


Round-II: Industry Experts OEM