PG Courses – Computer Engineering

The department has 4 Laboratories namely :Oracle Laboratory, Programming Laboratory, Operating System Laboratory, Internet Facility Center for Second and Third year engineering.

Computer Engineering department believes in consistent student industry interface and thereby consistently organizes many seminars, workshops and guest lectures of eminent personalities in the IT field.


  • To provide sound knowledge of computing principles and their applications in scientific and engineering domains
  • To develop students’ ability to analyze problem scenarios and evolve solutions involving selected areas of computing
  • To expose students to principles and practices of design and development of computing systems
  • To enable students to identify new computing trends and understand emerging technologies
  • To enable students to gain the ability to identify, formulate, and solve challenging problems both in hardware and software systems

Scope for Employment

  • Typically start as development engineers and graduate to higher career options as architects, technical leaders and managers
  • As design engineers, computing / IT consultants, solution developers and entrepreneurs
  • As system / network administrators and IT managers