Civil Engineering

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To impart value based state of the art knowledge in civil engineering and to serve the society by nurturing research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • To build a concrete bond with all stake holders for holistic development of society
  • To develop an ecosystem to emulate research in civil engineering domain
  • To nurture innovative approach and entrepreneurship skills to pursue excellence in all facets

The undergraduates will be able to:

  • Plan and develop prosperous career in the modern multidisciplinary sectors of the engineering and/or higher studies by gaining knowledge in basic sciences and engineering.
  • Analyse and design civil engineering structures and processes keeping in view societal needs and responsibility towards sustainable development.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, teamwork and interpersonal skills and adhere to modern scientific advancement in the field of civil engineering by continuous learning.

On completion of the program, the undergraduate students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of Basic sciences & engineering to civil engineering problems.
  2. Design and conduct real life problem solving experiments and thereby analyse and interpret the obtained data to provide suitable solution.
  3. Identify, formulate and investigate the complex civil engineering problems using latest civil engineering research literature and practical knowledge.
  4. Analyse and design civil engineering structures and processes according to desired specifications and requirements.
  5. Characterize and evaluate applicability of materials for civil engineering works.
  6. Use Best management practices for construction and maintenance of infrastructural projects.
  7. Demonstrate an ability to work in multidisciplinary projects with social responsibility and professional ethics.
  8. Recognize modern engineering techniques and advanced software tools to analyse civil engineering problems.

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest stream of Engineering in the world. Apart from being the oldest branch, this is one branch which incorporates expertise from several different streams including geotechnical sciences, structural engineering, environmental studies, hydraulics, transportation and hydrology. Clearly, this makes Civil Engineering – a largest stream in Engineering world.Civil Engineering at SITRCThe department started its operation in the academic year 2014-15 and it’s instrumental in providing degree granting graduate level course in Civil Engineering with the intake of 60 students per academic year.Department proudly boasts the convergence of leading researchers from all over India in the teaching faculty pool. Corporates heavyweights have taken the initiative to act as advisor to faculty members and hence the curriculum is not only research-led and cutting edge but it’s also aligned to the present day requirements in industries.

This directly helps in producing industry ready graduates who can add value in the organization right from the day one.