Ph.D. Students List

Sr. No. Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Name of the Guide Title of the Thesis Year of Registration of Scholar Ph.D. Status
1 Mr. Ramesh Pawase Dr. N.P.Futane Development of CMOS ASIC to compensate non idealities of MEMS based Gyroscope and Seismic Sensor 2013 Awarded Ph.D.

2 Mr. Vikas Gawai Dr. N.P.Futane Ultra Low Power 2.4 GHz Transreceiver for Internet of Things based Real Time Monitoring 

2015 Pursuing
3 Mr. Omkar S. Vaidya Dr. S.T.Gandhe Enhancement of Panoramic View using Novel Hybrid Image Stitching Method 2015 Awarded Ph.D.

4 Mr. Pravin A Dhulekar Dr. S.T.Gandhe Design of Hybrid Technique for Human Action Recognition 2015 Awarded Ph.D.

5 Mrs. Sarika Jagtap Dr. V.J.Gond Modeling of Low Power, High Performance Fin Field Effect Transistor and Enhancing Performance Parameters 2016 Pursuing
6 Mr. Mosam Sangole Dr. S.T.Gandhe Design of Precise Malaria Diagnosis System using Microscopic Imaging 2016 Pursuing
7 Mrs. Kirti Shinde Dr. S.T.Gandhe Design of Robust Face Recognition System for High Speed Real Time Applications 2016 Pursuing
8 Mr. Sushant J. Pawar Dr. S.T.Gandhe Enhancement of Moving Object Detection in Synthetic Radar Aperture Imagery for Surveillance 2016 Pursuing
9 Mr. Bhatane Ganesh Asaram Dr.V. J. Gond Development of an Algorithm to Monitor & Control Solar Photovoltaic System for Performance Enhancement 2017-18 Pursuing
10 Mr. Shah Viral Niranjan Dr.N.P.Futane Design and Development of Chromosomal Analysis System using Computational Intelligence 2017-18 Pursuing
11 Mr. Kadlag Milind Baban 

Dr.V.J.Gond Design of Novel Algorithm for Clarity in Speech Perception of Alaryngeal Speech 

2017-18 Pursuing
12 Mr. Ufade Amit Sampatrao Dr.V.J.Gond Multimodal Emotion Recognition using Fusion of Facial Expression and Electroencephilogram 2017-18 Pursuing
13 Mr. Bhagat Kishor Raghunath Dr. S. T. Gandhe Design an Algorithm for Detection of Hardware Trojan in FPGA 2017-18 Pursuing